Objects and Actions

When a stick is a horse

(Children) learn to transcend ostensive reality.

Play is instrumental in achieving mastery of the object and furthering symbolic ability. Vygotsky notes, “Play is a transitional stage in this direction. At that critical moment when a stick—i.e., an object—becomes a pivot for severing the meaning of horse from a real horse, one of the basic psychological structures determining the child’s relationship to reality is radically altered” (1967, 12).

From ‘Vygotskian and Post-Vygotskian Views on Children’s Play’

Elena Bodrova

Deborah J. Leong

Any human act that gives rise to something new is referred to as a creative act.


Every invention, whether large or small, before being implemented, embodied in reality, was held together by the imagination alone. It was a structure erected in the mind through the agency of new combinations and relationships. . . .


reconstruct appropriate and transform


Who’s Afraid of Drawing?

The Estorick is currently showing an exhibition of works on paper from the Ramo Collection (See Estorick Museum here)

I was asked to come in and help provide workshops for children in the borough. The theme of the workshops is in keeping with the exhibition and all about drawing.

The children were glorious showed no fear and embraced the ideas and materials.

I am hugely grateful to Jenny P at the Estorick collection and the Ramo Collection for their beautiful drawings and funding of the project

Concrete Pleasures

When my middle child was around two we went to the Tate Modern. They ran out onto the turbine hall slope and just lay with their whole body pressed to the concrete. It was clearly a great physical joy to feel the cool smooth concrete beneath.

This picture was taken in the Kemang Wa Lehulere exhibition at Tate Modern


I arrived here to come across Rebecca Horn’s films including various body extensions 1972. I had been thinking about her gloves especially recently as a friend has made an excellent array of extraordinary gloves for her thinking about haptic learning on the MA Art and Design in Education (see MA here).  I’d been longing to see Rebecca Horn’s work again but in my usual distracted way had not noticed this was showing.


Above clip showing Finger Gloves appearing in Rebecca Horn’s 1972 film Performances II as Handschuhfinger

Playing next door to the work by Kemang Wa Lehulere is the Vertigo piece by Douglas Gordon Feature Film 1999. Vertigo has also been running in my head lately. I have been searching YouTube clips for a piece of work I want to make. A certain slither in which Kim Novak’s character points out the rings on a tree ‘here I was born and here I died…’ has been haunting me. Then I come here…and the music is playing in the background like it has been in my head. These moments of confluence seem to happen to me quite often.

Does this happen to you?