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Drawing Pencil on Paper

We came across some bones on our travels. I hope it doesn’t upset the ecosystem that I brought them home to draw. A small hip bone, perhaps from a civet or meerkat, and the upper jaw of a ruminant. They are very weathered and rather beautiful. I am spending about 3 hours per drawing. It is concentrating my mind and hand. And it feels good to really look. The better you look the better you draw. Next week I will do some clay work too…



  1. This is a beautiful drawing – love what you say about ‘looking’ – have you been listening to Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures on Radio 4? it’s been very interesting listening. Sophie xxx

    • Thanks Sophie, yes I have been listening and I really have enjoyed them. In fact I was listening to ‘ nice rebellion, welcome in’ as I drew this! He is much better (for me) on the radio, his whole physical persona is too distracting on telly. Jas xxx

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