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But that's not there

“But that’s not there,” erasing pencil drawing.

The brain is always guessing, filling in gaps, short-cutting visual information to build a reality.
“This is an object,” it says. “A three dimensional  object. Although you can’t see it this object has a back a side. You can’t see it now but I know it is there, from the shadows it makes, from the change in colour here or there.”

And so my hand attempts to draw this knowledge, the bits you can’t see. Tries to fill in the gaps, to leap to conclusions.
But I don’t want it to. When ‘life’ drawing I want to record only what I can see, not what I know to be there. I need to record these signs, shadows and contours, not bypass them.
It’s a constant battle, a drawing is a lie, a flat pretending to be a form.  Rubbing at the paper, erasing my failing drawing,  I am often heard muttering. “But that’s not there….”

2013-11-13 13.22.49

Vertebra Drawing, Pencil on Paper




  1. Hi Jas. I love your drawings – they are very alive to me. Would you ever have the inclination/inspiration to do a drawing for my blog? It would be in place of the header photo of the gargantuan orange rosehips. Don’t feel in any way obliged 🙂 I’d of course credit you and it would be lovely to have your work there. Any thoughts? Sophie

    • Gosh I’d love to do that! Thanks! I’m thinking of doing some charcoal drawings next…perhaps seed pods.if you see anything you like I will scan it for you. I have a decent scanner here. Usually I take pictures but scanning would more interesting I think. Jas x

      • Hi Jas. So happy you’re keen! Yes, seed pods would be lovely. I was thinking of anything you feel inspired to do, that would be food/nature/cooking related. Maybe colour? Not sure. Whatever takes your fancy and we can hone in on things as we go. Scanning sounds like a good plan. Shall I leave it with you? Sophie

      • Ok dokee. I will see what Nairobi in November brings me. And keep you posted. Jasxxx

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