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Dealing with distractions is a tricky one. There have been visitors and Christmas and kids back to school. Here we are it’s January 15th and I have not so much as picked up a pencil. Tut tut.
My distractions have recently expanded to include being made a governor of the children’s school (as well Vice chair of the Parents Association). They are making various improvements that they think I can help with. I hope I can.
I feel I really must make the most of all these opportunities.
Discipline is required, that, and saying no occasionally.
In this picture you can see a white spider lying on its back with arms akimbo. Waiting for incoming food. An opportunist, an optimist, waiting to grab hold.



  1. Beautiful photo. I’m bewitched. xx

    • Glad it comes across, wasn’t sure if it was clear enough what was going on. The light here on the equator is just extraodinary, makes colours dizzyingly bright

      • PS. good things come in threes x x x x (I deleted yr extras)

      • I only realized afterwards I wrote twice – but that was how good it was xxx

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