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Today I finished a jig/mould. My very poor carpentry skills were tested but I succeeded in casting up a block of plaster. I hope I can now recycle my clay! Great, big tick.
Then I went on to slips. All my work has used decorative slips. From college on, it has been my thing. Every piece used slip and glaze or no glaze at all. So I crack open my box of ingredients to start making a batch. As I unpack I begin to realise how little I brought. I dig out my dusty old recipe book I have kept since Brighton, and I read ball clay, china clay, zirconium silicate. The latter two I find. The ball clay I do not. Then I remember the two large buckets in the garden in London. One of which, is full of ball clay.




  1. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your progress and love the recipe book! xx

    • Honestly I am such a noodle hopefully I can find something else that I can use!.Though ball clay is one of those ingredients, like onions, that turns up in everything. Might get lucky and find it here….

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