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Bananas, Coloured Pencil on Paper

I love these little bananas. So sweet and perfumed. Much more fruity than the starchy giants back in London.
I find them oddly touching. Huddled together like suckling pups. When drawing them I hoped to convey the tenderness. I felt almost sorry for them, the butt of so many jokes.
So here they are my sweet little family of bananas. Don’t laugh.


Bananas, Detail, Coloured Pencil on Paper, unfinished.



  1. This is beautiful, Jas. So evocatively drawn and absolutely delicious…want! Could you imagine doing a little commission for me along these lines? Sophie xx

    • Yes I course! You can have that drawing if you want or a new one. I could scan this one and see what you think….Jas x

      • Yes, that’d be lovely. I was thinking of having Stories from the Stove inscribed somewhere on there, maybe bottom right hand corner say (of course I would credit you). I was thinking of maybe the bananas and other fruit like oranges or whatever you like drawing – abundance and colour really. Sorry to be vague. Such a beautiful picture by the way – stunningly rendered. Sophie xx

      • Thanks! Ok I will head to the market tomorrow and get all Freda Khalo, let’s see….x

      • That’s great! Looking forward to whatever takes your fancy. xx

  2. And I may just end up using your beautiful bananas…hope you’d be open to that and we could have a play around. xx

  3. How did I not see the second picture of your beautiful unfinished bunch? So so lovely. When you’re scanning the chocolate perhaps you could scan this one too. Not wanting to be demanding but sounding like I am! xxx

  4. Jazzie I am blown away by the quality of this. The quality of line and colour are perfect. Just the right balance of precision and organic ease, a really hard juggling act that you’ve totally pulled off. Bloody brilliant!!

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