Still Life

Still life, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Still Life, Drawing Coloured Pencil on Paper, full page
A larger pic so you can see the detail…hopefully

I worked longer on this one than I have on any thus far. My cousin asked for more so I got very enthusiastic at the fruit stall. And why not! Here is the most colour filled beautiful fruit I have seen. Apart from in paintings by Frida Kahlo and others of that ilk.
So here you go Cuz this one’s for you!


6 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. Holy moly – can I have this? And the bananas too? Would you be able to scan it and email it to me? Could you write Stories from the Stove somewhere small that is visible and of course I would credit you. I’d love to see if I could use one of these as my banner photo. Brilliant and beautiful. Sophie xxx

    1. Yes you can! Glad you like it.
      And I can write on it but I am not a fan of my handwriting! Anyway I will scan both perhaps over weekend if not Monday. Will email details xxxx

  2. Hi Jas, it would be lovely to make contact with you again. I came across you in a ‘Contemporary Ceramics’ search. I hope you are well, happy and life is good. Please drop me a line if you would like to. Gae x

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