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2014-10-24 11.50

wedging reclaimed clay

I realised later why I found it so enjoyable, so happy, to have the children in the studio.

I was integrating my different lives, and it felt really good. I packed up my studio midway through my children and so my Eldest is the only one who ever saw ‘what mummy did’, and that was an awfully long time ago. In allowing my children into that world, something has changed. Perhaps they understand me a little better, perhaps they are a little impressed at my skills, or maybe they just loved getting their hands on some clay. But I know that I certainly feel better and Jung would be pleased I am sure. The integration of the self, peace of mind.

My Middle child made a short film of me wedging up some reclaim clay. It struck me that this was the perfect metaphor for the experience of integration. But I can’t upload it so you will have to make do with the picture and imagine the rest……



  1. This made me happy, Jas. It reminded me of my mum and how it’s only very recently that we have done things together, and I have been involved in her clay world. It enriches things, to know how she does it, to watch her at work and to muck in. You are right it is integrating all your different lives. Lovely post. X

  2. Thanks Sophie, I spammed your post by mistake but have retreved it now. I am glad it had some meaning for you. I was not at all sure it would mean anything to anyone else! Potting with your mum sounds good. I am glad you got to do it too. Happy Birthday x x x xx x

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