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One of the ladies who come to the studio wanted to make a teapot. So I thought I had better make one to remind myself how it is done! I haven’t made one since college.
And as I recall that was a disaster. The pots had been unloaded and put on display with my other work, right before my critique with the tutors. I hadn’t seen them before I walked in to have my turn at the ‘end of second year’ review. They sternly told me my work was ugly, and perhaps I ought to think wether I should complete the course. It was a miserable moment.
The kiln had way over-fired and what was meant to be a brilliant blue was a sludgy green. In the extreme heat the clay had blistered and boiled. The glaze erupted to leave sharp edged craters.
Suffice it to say I didn’t leave (my lovely tutor Sean came to my defence) but I never made a teapot again. Till now. It’s blue too, I hope.





  1. I can imagine a teapot would be tricky at the best of times. I love your dark brown teapot and the wonderful handle. It looks as though it will be pretty swell. Lovely to have you back here xxxx

  2. That’s fab! xxx

  3. Hello. I’m moving to Kenya soon for work, and was wondering how feasible it would be to do pottery there. Do you run classes (or are you available for private tuition)? And where do you source your clay from? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    • There are various places formal and informal where you could try pottery here. I know local potters source clay from Mount Kenya region.
      You are welcome to get in touch again once you have moved here. Good luck!

  4. Thanks, I will do!

    • I took a quick look at your stuff, really nice!. Do email once you are here.

      • Hi Jasmin, thank you! I should arrive in Kenya around 18th May, so I will be sure to get in touch then.

      • Hi Jasmin. What is your email address? Was just going to ask if you are planning any upcoming/future wheel throwing classes?

      • Hi Sorry I am slow to reply, short answer is yes
        My email for this blog is
        Look forward to hearing from you

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