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Augustus and His Smile

Reception Illustration Project

So the Reception Project is finished. I very much enjoyed making this with the kids. Reception year is bursting with energy and sometimes it was hard to manage but the result is lovely. I can’t lay claim to the image it is a direct descendant of Catherine Rayner’s wonderful illustrations in “Augustus and his Smile” one of my favourite and most lovely children’s books. I sent a copy to her I hope she likes it!

The Piece is very large about 18 x 12 ft. Takes up a wall. The school now has to find somewhere to put it! But my work is done….I am on to cooking up my next idea…..



  1. This is wonderful, jas. As your mum said the other day, you’re a natural. A natural storyteller with your work, and a natural teacher too. Not many of those around xxx

  2. thanks Sophie you are kind as always. I loved this and I love Catherine Rayners original book, Augustus and His Smile, is just gorgeous.

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