This is a blog to chart my progress in returning to work as a studio artist and freelance arts educator. In 2005 I gave up my studio practice in Hackney (Glebe Road Studios E8) following the birth and subsequent loss of my second child, and just before my third child came along (I now have three daughters).

In February 2013 my three children, husband and I moved from London UK,  to Nairobi, Kenya. The progress of which is a charted here. We had a truely amazing experience. In 2016 we moved back again. I hope I managed to bring me back too.

To get back into teaching and thinking about art I undertook a Masters in Art and Design in Education at The Institute of Education UCL. The course was absolutely fantastic and I loved every minute of it(Click here for course details). I passed! (just waiting for final mark) You can find some of my research projects on these pages and my films can be seen on vimeo.

I am a qualified Art Teacher (PGCE Art and Design 14-19Yrs) and have taught in schools and lead workshops for children, undergraduates, adult learners, and teachers. I graduated from Brighton Uni’ in 1994, with a Ba (Hons) in Wood, Metal Plastic and Ceramics, I majored in Ceramics.

All photographs and art work depicted in photographs is produced by me unless otherwise stated.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! This is absolutely terrific! I’m so glad I came across your site! (I’m in the same boat with regard to trying to reboot my studio practice. So this site is particularly comforting. I also think I may have been sketching pineapples at the same time as you!) Good luck!

  2. Hi Jasmin, my name is Noleen, from south Africa, and I am researching the availability of raw materials, clay and pottery equipment in Kenya and Tanzania for the purposes of setting up a pottery for and NGO in Zanzibar. do you have suppliers locally where you buy your materials? Is there much available? Would appreciate to hear from you. Many thanks. PS – your blog looks great 🙂

    1. Hi Noleen
      I have stumbled across some left overs from another potter, and have not used locally sourced clay as yet.However there is locally sourced clay available, quite rough and ready but serviceable. There is a organisation here in Karen that make ceramic beads and they may be able to help: kazuri beads, Raymond Goes is the production manager there. Try and contact him (through their website perhaps) There is also a ceramic company in Nanyuki, http://ceramicscenternanyuki.org/ . There is definitely clay in the ground! It’s just a matter of finding the means to refine it. Glaze materials in my (limited) experience is imported. But these people I mention should know more. Pottery Equipment is not common and imported for the most part. You can build your own kilns, probably wood fired or gas kilns a good idea given the cost and (un) availability of reliable electricity, plenty of stuff on the web to help there I imagine. Good luck! And I would be interested to hear how it goes…….

      1. Thank you so much for the reply and information…I will be in touch again I am sure and let you know how things are going – the position is to start in the middle of the year, and I am still waiting to hear if I have the post.. but lots to work with – thanks!

  3. Hello Jasmin

    I am interested in pottery/ceramic classes. Our family have just moved to Kenya from South Africa, my children are all at school during the day so now is my time to fullfill a dream I have had for a long time….classes to learn to make my own pottery/ceramics. Please would you send me an email with all the details for your courses. Thank you

  4. Hello Jasmin

    Are you still doing lessons? I have just moved from South Africa and would love to do ceramics/pottery lessons.

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