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Creeper, Drawing, Charcoal on Paper


Line Drawing Charcoal on Paper


So I keep on going. Thinking and drawing, drawing and thinking. I am trying to remember why I did what I did, made what I made. Mostly I remember a sense of peace. A sense of place. Placement.

From idea to clay would often be a journey of about two years. An idea would appear then disappear, slipping back into the soup bubbling at the back of my mind. If the idea was strong enough it would flip itself forward again some months later. Then again, until eventually the idea would take form and exist independently.

I am drawing now, to fill the pot. Chopping and thinking. Discarding and keeping. Hopefully something good is bubbling away in there.

For two days I drew the acacia thorn. As hard as nails and able to pierce right through your shoe. The danger of these I hoped to capture in charcoal.
Like the acacia, charcoal has an unforgiving nature. It requires absolute confidence. For really, once drawn there is no turning back, you must stick with what you have. However much you rub away at the paper, a shadow will remain as a reminder of where you’ve been. Sometimes this is a interesting quality. Sometimes, like this time, I wanted stark thorn, no wishy washy third and forth attempts.
I did not really succeed but it was good to change medium. I will do some more….


Acacia Thorns, Charcoal on Paper