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2013-11-12 13.20.52

Found vertebra, Drawing, Pencil on Paper.

Not sure this is finished but I will stop for now. I found this bone exciting, the holes especially thrilling, and hard to draw. One more bone I reckon and then I shall move on….


Drawing Pencil on Paper

We came across some bones on our travels. I hope it doesn’t upset the ecosystem that I brought them home to draw. A small hip bone, perhaps from a civet or meerkat, and the upper jaw of a ruminant. They are very weathered and rather beautiful. I am spending about 3 hours per drawing. It is concentrating my mind and hand. And it feels good to really look. The better you look the better you draw. Next week I will do some clay work too…

Boran Cow in Lane

Beautiful visitors to Quarry Lane



Sketch Book Drawing


Sketch Book Drawing



Sketch Book Drawing



Sketch Book Drawing



Page from Sketch Book


Stage One of Drawing



Stage Two of Drawing



Stage Three nearly finished

My lesson learned last night is not to ask the children what they think. Is it a tiger mummy?…..