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prickly pear

Barbary Fig Drawing with Aquarelles

I realised today I only had a couple of hours, so no long labour of love was possible. So it seemed a good moment to mess about. To scribble in colour and enjoy it. The Barbary Fig is a willing subject, large sections of it collapse to the ground regularly. So although I felt a little guilty depriving the bees, as I gingerly negotiated prickles to snap sections from the main, I know that this cactus is designed to fall apart, and start anew from the ground. (So don’t stand underneath a heavily laiden tree for too long!).
I enjoyed the spikes, the green and the bright yellow and red. Sumptuous, succulent and violent at once.
2013-11-22 12.06.31

Broken off the tree outside


2013-11-12 13.20.52

Found vertebra, Drawing, Pencil on Paper.

Not sure this is finished but I will stop for now. I found this bone exciting, the holes especially thrilling, and hard to draw. One more bone I reckon and then I shall move on….


Sketch Book Drawing


Stage One of Drawing



Stage Two of Drawing



Stage Three nearly finished

My lesson learned last night is not to ask the children what they think. Is it a tiger mummy?…..


Stage One of Drawing



Stage Two of Drawing



Stage Three of Drawing



Stage Four of Drawing



Stage Five Finished Drawing for today, with my stripey socks in shot!