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Year 1 Clay Project: Making Enkaji


The Enkaji were arranged in a Manyata style enclosure

I went in to a year one class at end of last half term, to make Enkaji: Maasai Houses. Each child made an Enkaji and at the end we put them together as a Manyata. Really enjoyed it. Hopefully many more such projects to come.


One open form, one closed form.

So I can still throw, just. 2 out of 3 attempts remained standing. And I was pretty slow…. but I have at least got going. One closed form, one open form. I shall have to practice…..


Coil Building lovely big pots on turntable


It’s been a really tough week¬† in Nairobi. The Westgate Mall attack has dominated my mind. On Wednesday I did a days teaching making ‘Enkaji’ Maasai Huts with a group of Year 1 students.¬† It was a fun day and good to get away from the terrible rolling news. We went to this magnificent place to get the clay.& I loved it!

Series: Dome of the Sky

Series: Dome of the Sky

In between power cuts I am uploading my entire back catalogue to the web. Slowly but surely I hope to put all my slides and photos on Adobe Revel for open access to all. It is a painstaking process, scanning and uploading but I’ll get there. And when I do you’ll be the first to know!

Tools of the Trade

Today I cracked open my tool box. After 9 years in a lock up and transportation to Nairobi. It is time to start up my studio again. I will chart my progress here for any that are interested.